About Us


Here' s What We Offer That Other Restaurant Accounting Companies Can' t:

  • We combine the practical knowledge of a restaurant owner and bar expert with the financial skills of a CPA
  • 30 years of providing restaurant seminars (if you have questions, we will be around to provide the answers)
  • Seminar Presenters that are recognized leaders in the industry (i.e. coauthors of the #1 publication Guide to Restaurants and Bars, published by Practitioners Publishing Company)
  • Free consulting at the seminar—and free telephone consulting afterward
  • Over the last 30 years, more than 100,000 participants have attended these seminars.

Now available at your location and tailored to fit your restaurant' s needs. All the guidance you need to set up a complete control system, with Michael Reis ā—‹Reasonably priced, with proven results. Call now for available dates to schedule a 2 or 3-day session.

Includes: Spotter Visit, Meeting with management, 2-hour seminar for key staff, Financial review, Implementing controls, Analysis of food cost, menu, staffing, etc., Complete profit plan, Bar controls, Incentive programs, And much more...



Michael Reis graduated from Washington State University. He is a former restaurant owner who specializes in business consulting. Mike is a small business counselor and partner of the SBA. He specializes in restaurant start-up, business plans, and increasing profits.Mike has developed uniquely effective training techniques.